Accredo has the experience you need for your bleeding disorder patients. We provide in-home nursing staff to administer infusions where available by law, help your patients determine their insurance coverage and payment options and work with you to provide patients with information, disease management, and treatment options with the assistance of Accredo’s specialty-trained pharmacists.

How we serve your patients

Delivery to the place of administration.

We’ll ship many medications right to the patient’s home, doctor’s office or clinical setting where the medication will be professionally administered*. Shipping is at no additional cost to the patient. Accredo dispenses from three centralized locations and more than twenty-five branch locations.

Clinical education and support.

Our bleeding disorder-trained pharmacists and registered nurses educate new patients on how to use, store and administer their medication, as well as help set reasonable expectations for their therapy.

Patient-specific billing program.

Patients can authorize us to ship their medication to their home, doctor’s office or clinic but to send the bill directly to the insurance provider*. We have a personalized program that helps your patients make the most informed decisions concerning their insurance coverage.

Adherence checks.

Through education, personal support and regular contact, we encourage our patients to adhere to their treatment regimen.

Home infusion training.

If a medication needs to be infused and you order the training, then Accredo will teach the patient how to administer the therapy to help him or her overcome this hurdle.

In-home infusion.

If you decide a patient would benefit from home infusions, then Accredo will coordinate the details. Accredo has its own nursing staff across the country. We’ll research the patient’s benefits, provide the medication and arrange for a nurse to make a home/school visit in accordance with the doctor’s plan of treatment.

Local nursing support.

With more than 30 branch and nursing locations and over 550 field nurses, 63% with pediatric experience, we can provide clinical support and intervention throughout the country.

Bilingual support.

Having a bilingual clinical care team allows us to provide support to our Spanish-speaking patients without fear of improper medical treatment due to language barriers. We also provide third-party interpreters for other languages, when needed.

Care training.

With everything from in-school training, educational programs for children and families, and one-on-one care training, to group presentations at association meetings – we arm our patients’ caregivers with the tools and insight to feel confident they are properly caring for the bleeding disorder patient in their lives. As an added benefit, we offer a variety of material for quick reference in caring for a bleeding disorder patient.