Stages of life

If you have a bleeding disorder or if you are a parent or caregiver to someone with these conditions, learning about the condition can help you understand what to expect with the disorder and its treatment. While living with a lifelong condition presents many challenges, knowing what to expect through each stage of life can help you take action to avoid some types of problems and can help you be prepared to address challenges that might occur.

Newly diagnosed - What to expect at the start of care

With an order from your hematologist, Accredo offers in-home nursing evaluations at the start of care to help patients and their caregivers fully understand the treatment plan provided by their physician.

Why is a start of care visit important

  • Ensures the care plan instructions are understood and followed.
  • Provides a health and safety assessment for the patient and the home.
  • Identifies potential barriers in your care.
  • Offers personal, face-to-face time with a bleeding disorder-trained nurse to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Provides an introduction of a key member of your Accredo care team.

Your Accredo care team focuses on bleeding disorders only – all day, every day.